Santiago (Chile), June 24th, 2002

Dear Sir,

I found your Web site and I want to give you this co-operation on the matter of Mouth & Foot Disease. I am in possession of a chemical formulation to cure Mouth & Foot Disease (Cattle Fever). It’s not a vaccine but a specific compound that restores infected animals and brings them back to healthy conditions. On the contrary of what the scientific method might expect, I have not available fresh and demonstrable experiences of the effectiveness of this compound on the recovery of infected animals, because this formulation was created in Chile by 1940. The formulation of this inject able compound goes back to central Chilean region on the small towns of Quilpue, Limache, Quillota, which used to be (and still are) agricultural regions. By that time, my granduncle, which was a farmer and a self-formed veterinary-inventor, designed a chemical formulation to fight “cattle fever” in caws, bulls and cattle. Without invention patent, this specific compound became famous when the Mouth & Foot Disease (M&FD) was a pledge in Chile. Chile has no longer this illness any more and it is presently forbidden to perform any test or investigation on this area, in order to assure the virus is not handled in the country not even for scientific research. I have appealed to many international organizations: Bayer in Argentina; many veterinary laboratories in England; state and international organizations in Brazil, when they were having a big crisis. But, unbelievable, I did never receive a reply or just a simple answer as “we only work with intergovernmental organizations”. Of course I realized the commercial interests of the many large and important laboratories for its vaccines all over the world is very strong. Therefore the interest for a specific medication is not very well appreciated. The product was by the time, (1940-1950) launched with a fantasy name as “Go Out”, but as said, it was never registered as a trademark or under an invention patent. However the case was, my granduncle passed the formulation to my father, and then to me. My father used to give the animals the injections of the medicine, while my granduncle was unavailable. I still remember the metallic syringe and the little bottles with the compound at home, even its strong smell. I have recently prepared 1000 ml of the compound. And the only thing I want is that someone takes it and put it on trial, under simple protocol letter. If it still works as it used to work before, then we could start thinking about patent and invention rights. The preparation of the compound is quite simple. Only two strong drugs are included and a very strong amine. The rest of the elements are strong disinfectants in alcoholic solution. I have formal college studies in Food Science & Technology, Chile State University, 1970-1973. I am now retired, 51, live in Santiago, Chile. The question is: WHOM SHOULD I ADDRESS TO HAVE THIS FORMULATION TESTED AGAIN. I wish you could help. Thank you for you attention. Yours, very truly.
Jaime Garin Pedro Marin 2615 Dp 44 Ñuñoa, Santiago, CHILE

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