by Karim el Gawhary  Cairo / Washington

The preparations for a US attack on the Iraq in progress.
To administer American and British newspapers quoted high US-OFFICIAL, according to which the US Government is thereby, the war against the Iraq " seriously to flat " (" Los Angeles Times ") and the Iraq problem " no more, in the last days but to solve " (" Times "). Both "Philadelphias Inquirer " as well as the largest American daily paper the " USA Today " reportcorresponding that the strategic war decisionis already met. Remarkable also the intensified Rhetorik is in the public by representatives of the Bush administration. Few days ago so far to the topic Iraq announced rather reserved US Secretaries of State Colin Powell that Washington is decided, to " Saddam to loose-will ". As the further note to a forthcoming military strike the planned journey of US vice-president is considered thickly to Cheney into the Gulf region. It becomes in March Saudi Arabia,Jordan,  which visit Turkey and Kuwait  strategically important neighboring countries Iraq. In May the UN security council will negotiate once more about the sanctions against the Iraq. Observers expect that the USA will use this point in time, in order to place Saddam Hussein an ultimatum for the return of the UN weapon supervisors. An open question with American military is at present still whether one can transfer successfully in Afghanistan the attack model tested to the Iraq: heavy Bombardements of all Saddam loyal institutions from air, the support of armed groups of oppositions in the country as well as of Saddam defectors in Bagdad. As most difficult proves the question, who is to take over the role against the rebels advancing on Bagdad at the soil, how it did the north alliance in Afghanistan.

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